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Pocket Male Antahkarana [q-36|x14000|p-x388| reiki ]
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Pocket Male Antahkarana [q-36|x14000|p-x388| reiki ]
Pocket Male Antahkarana [q-36|x14000|p-x388| reiki ]
Pocket Male Antahkarana [q-36|x14000|p-x388| reiki ]

Pocket Male Antahkarana [q-36|x14000|p-x388| reiki ]

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[Pocket Male Antahkarana] [q-36 | x14000 | p-x388 | 385$/x | 60B/40G]

-25 % OFF (REAL VALUE 5.39$) - Discount available until I sell to my first 50 customers.

Male Antahkaranas create a penetrating focus of healing energy, far mor powerfull than the female version; Aligns chakras and promotes centering;

1 number: 36 (thirty-six antahkaranas in grid)

2 amplifies: 14 000 x (fourteen-thousand times)

3 power: 388 x (three-hundred and eighty-eight times)

4 amplification cost: 0.000385$ / per one amplification (x)

5 energies: 60 % Brutal / 40 % Gentle (60 % is raw power energy/ 40 % is gentle energy)

( Item is worth about $5.39 / 2.69 / 3.95 )

( Item's sizes are: 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm / 1.8 inch x 1.8 inch )

( Payment must be made within the first 7 days after the item is sold on Shipping is done within 1-2 days after payment is made (Usually on the same day, depeding on holiday and other special days). Delivery time in Europe is 1 week and in the rest of the world is about 2 weeks. )

( I am also a Reiki practitioner with Reiki Usui level 1,2,3 )

1 - number - it refeers to the number of antahkaranas in the grid which makes this item.

2 - amplifies - it refeers to the number of times this grid [item] amplifies the person's energies / thoughts. [it indicates the item's power]

3 - power - it refeers to the number of times a single antahkarana in the grid can amplify. The number of antahkaranas in the grid and also the size of them can modify each one's power [number of amplification].

4 - amplification cost - it refeers to how expensive a single amplification [x] would be, in regards of the whole item.

5 - energies - it refeers to what kind of energies the item emits. There are 2 kind of energies which can flow through an antahkarana : masculine and feminine energies. The masculine energies consist of raw power energy [Brutal]. The feminine energies consist of [Gentle] energies.

NOTE: Crystals for instance usually only amplify 100-300 times. This may vary from crystal to crystal.

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[The Antahkarana]

The Antahkarana is an ancient healing and meditation symbol that has been used in Tibet and China for thousands of years. It is a powerful symbol and simply by having it in your presence it will help amplify and enhance your healing energies. This will reduce the time needed to heal, it focuses and deepens the actions of the healing energies involved.

[A single antahkarana can amplify a couple of hundreds of times the energies involved.]

It will also neutralise negative energy that has collected in objects such as jewellery or crystals simply by placing the object on top of the antahkaranas.

[A good way to energize, clean crystals and other objects is to let them sit during the night/day above an antahkarana, prefferably in a place where no one sees them]

In addition, it will enhance all healing work including Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Chiropractic, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression etc. These positive effects have been confirmed over and over by the improved results noted by those using the symbol and by clairvoyant observation by those trained in sensing changes in the aura and chakras. Therefore, it is ideal for chakra clensing; place one antahkarana under your bed at night and your chakras will be cleansed automatically. This also ensures a very good night sleep.

This symbol is multi-dimensional. From one perspective, it appears to be two dimensional, being made-up of three sevens on a flat surface. The three sevens represent the seven chakras, the seven colours and the seven tones of the musical scale. These three sevens are mentioned in the book of Revelations as the seven candle sticks, the seven trumpets and the seven seals.

From another perspective, this symbol appears as a three dimensional cube. Its energy moves up from two to three dimensions that can be seen and also continues up through unseen dimensions all the way to the highest dimension - the dimension of the Higher Self.

There are two versions of the Antahkarana. The female version is slightly larger than the male version. The female version should be used if you feel that more compassionate energy is needed. The male version is used if you wish to access more assertive energy.

Historically, the use of this symbol can be traced back through a number of Reiki Masters to an ancient Tibetan meditation technique. The few Tibetan meditation masters who knew of the symbol tended to keep it to themselves so that the increased value it created for their work would add to their status. For this reason, its use has not been widely known.

However, through clairvoyant perception, Michelle Griffith, a talented clairvoyant healer has been able to tune into the symbol and read its psychic history. According to Michelle, the symbol was first given to the people of earth during Lemurian times over 100,000 year ago. The Antahkarana was created by a counsel of Ascended Masters who are watching over the evolution of the Galaxy. They saw that the people of the earth were in trouble and needed help in re-establishing their connection with the Higher Self. They created the symbol and using a decree, imbued it with its own consciousness. Now, anyone who uses it will have the connection between the physical brain and the Higher Self

They created the symbol and using a degree, imbued it with its own consciousness. Now, anyone using it will have the connection between the physical brain and the higher self strengthened. It is the Higher Self that creates and guides the benefits of the symbol and that is why it can never be used for harm.

This sacred symbol has been kept a secret for thousand of years, being known and used by only a few. Now it is time for all to have access to this ancient and sacred symbol of healing.

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Directions for Use

The Antahkarana is a special symbol that has its own consciousness. It does not need an attunement for it to work. It is the image of the printed symbol that creates the effect. It works directly with your aura and chakras and varies its healing effect depending on what you need at the time of use. Since it is directed by the Higher Self, it always has a beneficial effect and can never be misused or used to cause harm. The symbols can be placed under a massage table, or under the bottom of a chair or you could sit on them. They can also be placed on the wall or they can be held against your body with the print facing the area that needs healing.

Use in Reiki Treatments

The large grid symbols work best for use when giving Reiki treatments as they allow you to place them on the clients body over the areas needing healing. When used in this way, you can then place your hands on top of the symbols and do Reiki through the symbols into the client. This will make your treatments more effective and the person will heal faster. The multiple symbols are great for releasing blocked energy. If you sense a block, place the multiple symbols grid over the area with the image facing down and place your hands on top of the symbol. You'll find that the block breaks up and is release much more quickly. The male, female and cosmic cross symbols each have their own vibration and will add that particular type of benefit to the treatment. Just use your intuition to determine which symbol to use.

The Antahkarana symbols can also be placed on the floor under the Reiki table or even tacked to the bottom of the table with the image facing up. Remember, just having the in your presence will have a beneficial effect. The pocket sized ones can also be placed in your shoes to give you extra energy and also cleanse you while at work or in other stressful / bad energy areas.

Use in Meditation

You can meditate directly on the Antahkaranas by gazing steadily at it with your eyes relaxed, gently brushing away any thoughts that may come up. With continued practice the image may begin to shift and change or to fade in and out, or it may disappear completely. This is good because it indicates you have entered a deeper level of meditation and are receiving greater benefit. Do not allow this to disturb you. Continue your steady relaxed gaze. You may even begin to see pictures in front of the image that are very pleasant and relaxing. A single meditation with the symbol will be beneficial during times of stress. However regular use is best, setting aside 10 to 30 minutes each day for meditation on the Antahkarana. The value you receive will develop along with your mental clarity and a sense of peace and security will stay with you throughout the day.

Uses of Each Symbol

There are several variations of the symbol. The large single symbol is more female and creates its healing in a gentle way healing the female energies of both men and women. The smaller single symbol is more male and more direct, focused and penetrating and will heal the male energy of both men and women. Use your intuition in deciding which one to use.

The Cosmic Cross is made of seven symbols crossing each other. This represents the seven major chakras. This symbol will purify your energy and can be used to open the heart. The square multiple symbol made of thirty-six / sixty-four / one-hundred symbols will break up blocked and congested energy and get stuck energy moving. This symbol can also scatter your energy so it is recommended that you follow its use with the single male symbol to create centering and grounding.


The Antahkarana symbols lend themselves easily to experimentation so allow yourself to be guided to new uses. Some people have silk screened them onto t-shirts, others have placed the small wallet size in their shoes (to help them run faster and jump higher). You can also tape the wallet size - using surgical tape over a chakra or over an area that is weak or in need of healing and it will immediately strengthen the area.

The universe is filled with wonder and mystery and as we trust only in the light and boldly explore our true nature, untold value will be revealed to us. The Antahkarana is a symbol that gives freely to all. May you benefit greatly as you explore its use in your journey back into Light.

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Thank you for reading this.

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The items are located in Romania -> Prahova -> City of Ploiesti

For the pocket antahkaranas ,

* The delivery cost in Romania is 0.36 ($0.70) and aditional similar (same aprox size) items shipped in the same package will cost 0.02 ($0.04) per extra item.

* The delivery cost within Europe is 0.61 ($1.20) and aditional similar (same aprox size) items shipped in the same package will cost 0.05 ($0.10) per extra item.

* The delivery cost worldwide (all except those above) is 0.81 ($1.58) and aditional similar (same aprox size) items shipped in the same package will cost 0.06 ($0.12) per extra item.

Payment must be made within the first 7 days after the item was sold on Shipping is done within 1-2 days after payment is made (Usually on the same day, depending on holiday and other special days). Delivery time in Europe is 3-5 days and in the rest of the world is about 1 week, 1 week and a half.


Money order,

After you have won the item, you register and transfer to your moneybookers account the final price of the item + the shipping costs and then you send the money to the moneybookers account:
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I'm expecting to receive the final item's price and shipping cost in my moneybookers account
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Direct Bank Transfer Bank Transfer through European Bank

For any further questions do not hesitate to contact me !

Instant Money Transfer,

The buyer has 3 days to contact the seller and request a possible refund due to damage to the item while being delivered. All items are sent with confirmation of receivement on behalf of the buyer.
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